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Windows version

USB Shot Ver1.31 USB_ShotV132.EXE(5,269,541bytes)
How to open:
This file is a self-extracting file. Copy the file onto the "Hard disk" then double-click the file. Some files will appear. Install the Application software according to the manual provided with the product:

Please note the following items before downloading this application.

1. The USB Shot version 1.32 must be used in conjunction with the driver version 40017 available at this same download site.

2. This driver and application require DirectX version 8.0 or higher.

Note-1: You may check the version of Direct X that is installed in your computer by the following steps:
1. Click START.
2. Click RUN.
3. Type in 'dxdiag ' and then click OK.
1. Click START.
3. Type in 'dxdiag '; then click SEARCH NOW.
4. Double click on the DXDIAG icon found in WINDOWS/SYSTEM.
5. Read your version to see if it is DirectX Version 8.0 as a minimum.
Note-2 : Note that your version is at the bottom of the page that is presented. Go to the following link and download the DirectX Version for your computer.
Install this update.

Macintosh version

OS8.6 9.2USB Shot Ver1.01 USB_SHOT.HQX(625,316bytes)

OS X USB Shot USB_Shot.sit(366,885bytes)

Installation Manual for Mac

Manual for Mac (319,807bytes PDF file)

(The "USB Shot Folder" folder should be dragged or copied to the appropriate directory on your hard disk.)
Installation Manual for Mac OS X

Manual for Mac OS X

For viewing a PFD file, you will need Adobe's "Adobe Reader" which may be downloaded free of charge from .