Moisture checker MY-808S

MY-808S Moisture Checker

Benefits and features

High measurement accuracy

Ultra-compact, lightweight, hand-held

Easy-to-view measurement display

Long-life, automatic power-off feature

Excellent durability

Moisture checker reference point

The following are some reference points gathered from measurements taken at
exhibitions and in salons which can be used to put Moisture Checker measurements into perspective.

Power source
45.1 and up
Very High
39.1 - 45.0
High Normal
27.1 - 39.0
Mid Normal
22.1 - 27.0
Low Normal
12.1 - 22.0
Below 12.1
Very Low

Conditions such as climate, time of day, as well as individual differences
such as a person's geographic area, lifestyle, etc. can all influence what is "typical" for that person.

Evaluation of skin moisture contents for atopic dermatitis using the Scalar Moisture checker

Correlation between the deterioration of skin function and the moisture content of skin - 22 cases ranging in age from 17 - 53 years compared with 86 cases of healthy people.

Moisture content / Healthy
35.5 +/- 1%
Moisture content / atopic with tetter
24.3 +/- 5%
Moisture content / atopic without tetter
31.4 +/- 3%

Moisture Checker MY-808S

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Power source
Operation time
336 continuous hours or longer (about two weeks when AAA alkaline batteries are used)
Operating temperature range
5 to 40℃
Gross weight
70 g (including batteries)
Outer dimensions
195×31.5×20 mm
Acquired specification
*RoHS compliant