VIdeo microscope VL-7EX II

VL-7EX? video microscope

The ultimate video microscope with image quality dramatically increased by use of a new light source.

Easily exchangeable same-size lenses up to x750 magnification. The full range of lenses can be easily removed and replaced. Operation and lens exchange is simple.

Instantaneous switching between skin textures and coloring images. By switching between reflected and non-reflected images, skin texture and coloring can be displayed vividly, as well as scalp and sebum, and hidden gray hairs.

Over 100 patent applications submitted. Scalar was the first in the world to develop a video microscope, and so we are naturally able to offer the latest technology at low prices.


VL-7EXIIset (x200 standard set)
Set contents:
probe, x200 lens, unit, camera cable, AC adaptor, RCA cable.

VL-7EXII-30N set
(Skin check x30 reflected/non-reflected set)

Set contents:
probe, x30 reflected/non-reflected lens, unit, camera cable, AC adaptor, RCA cable.

VL-7EX?  set  (x200 standard set)

*VL-7EXII-E set special complete systems for the education field. (Contact scalar for details).


Hair check styling x200, x100

To show magnified hair follicles or roots requires the x200 (x100) lens. Using the hair root adaptor enables hair roots to be viewed instantly.

hair check styling x200,x100

Hair check styling x750, actual size

This x750 lens has been produced to show the hair surface magnified. This enables the cuticle condition to be clearly shown. Similarly, using the actual size lens for styling enables the finished style to be printed out to create records or direct mail.

Hair check styling x750,actual size

Skin check x30, x50 (reflected/non-reflected)

The x30 and x50 lenses are recommended for use in viewing skin conditions such as chapping, coloring, wrinkles, or blotches.

Skin check x30,x50(reflected/non-reflected)

Comprehensive series configuration

The VL-7EXII video microscope series enables selection of the lens magnification to suit use. The possibilities of the video microscope cab are further expanded by combining with optional equipment such as video printers. (Lens magnifications are the magnifications when viewed on a 14-inch monitor.)

Lens range

Actual size lens VL-71EX-1
x30 reflected/non-reflected lens VL-71EX-30N
x50 reflected/non-reflected lens VL-71EX-50N
x200 lens VL-71EX-200
x30 lens VL-71EX-30
x50 lens VL-71EX-50
x100 lens VL-71EX-100
x750 lens VL-71EX-750