Wireless scope AirMicro


Viewable live images with iPad / iPhone / iPod touch via Wi-Fi

It is a portable microscope with an Apple mobile device to view live images , freeze them and capture them to the Photo album of the device.

AirMicro and iPad / iPhone / iPod touch are connected via Wi-Fi and easy to use continuously at office, at home, in school, on trip, in the field wherever you wish.

iPad / iPhone / iPod touch are the trademark of Apple.

Easy Setting

レンズ At first, download the application from App Store, and then touch the icon of AirMicro on the screen of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and you will get the image whatever you take with the AirMicro.

You may use the following applications developed by our partners.

  • カルル

    Mytech For iPad/ iPhone
    * Six types of scale function: 0-10x, 30x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 400x.
    * Be able divide into two frames to compare images.
    * Full screen function.
    * Paint function to mark and note on images.
    Development: Myguard Co., Ltd.


Attention to Application Developer

Offering Free SDK (Software Development Kit)

We will offer free SDK for applications to make environment of developer and options of users more open and wider. The following are available to develop applications for AirMicro.
・AirMicro SDK for iOS
・AirMicro SDK for Mac
・AirMicro SDK for Windows
AirMicro SDK download more »

Attention to Corporation

Scalar is looking for OEM partner including sales of Wi-Fi communication unit.

Scalar will design circuit board of hardware, make a prototype, mass-produce and develop the application.


Image sensor1/4 Inch 5Mp Pixel Color CMOS
Resolution320x240(QVGA) / 640x480(VGA)
CaptureStill image capture by Application
White BalanceMWB
Frame RateQVGA about15fps
(It changes with radio wave environment and the use device.)
Camera button Functionsa) Freeze / Release
b) Still image capture
c) Push W / B
d) QVGA / VGA exchange
(After power supply OFF W/B and Resolution are maintained.)
Indicator LEDON: The image is being transmitted
OFF: Power off or Battery is low
Flash 0.5sec: The WB is being changed
Flash 1sec: The resolution is being changed
After turning switch on: 1 Flash QVGA, 2Flash VGA
Light switchA-OFF-B (Depends on the attached lens)
A: OFF, or reflective LEDs
B: Reflection, or Non Reflective LEDs
Power switchON / OFF Slide switch
Magnificationx50 (When standard lens is used)
Approximate magnification when displayed on 14-inch
Support ProtocolIEEE802.11b
Camera Operational Rangeabout 10m
Access Formatad hoc mode
AntennaInternal Chip Multilayer antenna
Frequency2.4GHz band width
IP Address192.168.NNN.1
Camera Screw1/4-20 UNC
BatteryAA (Alkaline, Ni-MH)x3
Power Consumptionabout 2.5W (With standard lens)
Operation time
Alkaline: about 2 hours (With standard lens)
Ni-MH: about 3 hours (With standard lens)
*Depends on environment
Supply Current: A and B about 5V 120mA
Operation Temp0〜40℃
Save Temp-10〜60℃
Outside Dimension153(H)x46(W)x43(D) *without Lens
Weight130g(without battery, with Lens)

*Specifications subject to change without notice. Patent is registered in Japan, US, Germany, France, UK, China, Taiwan, Korea, etc,.

Available lenses and accessories
  • 0x lens(no illumination)M0W
  • 0x lens M0L
  • 30x lens polarization/non-polarization lens M30N
  • 30xSideLitNEW
  • 50x lens M50
  • 50x lens polarization/non-polarization lens M50N
  • 100x lens M100
  • 200x lens M200
  • 400x lens M400NEW
  • Expansible stand
  • Z axis adjuster for expansible stand
  • XYZ accurate stand PR-ST11XY
  • Attachment adaptor for XYZ accurate stand


Woman evaluate her skin surface conditions and can check what kind of treatment is suitable.
In a classroom , each student would simultaneously see what the teacher is showing with the AirMicro. When the teacher presses the capture button on the AirMicro, that image is captured in the photo album of each students iPad at the same time.
Doctors can show patients live images and add these images into practice management apps and software.
Field Science
Field scientist can use an Apple mobile device with the AirMicro to examine specimens on site without destroying a sample to transport to a lab.
Crime-scene investigation
Investigators can snap images on an iPhone and email them to a colleague at the lab or to a collaborative agency.
Workers can inspect for leaks, cracks and corrosion of manufacturing products.


General Questions
If you think your AirMicro might have some trouble...
Application Software-related Questions

General Questions

How many viewers can receive picture from AirMicro at the same time?
253 units.
What is the distance the electric wave covers?
It depends on environment, in general 15~20 meters(50~65 feet) in an environment that there is nothing to intercept between AirMicro and iPhone/iPad.
Can I use AC adapter?
No, you can use AA size battery only.
How many batteries are needed and how long does it work?
Alkaline and size AA battery. It required 3 batteries. 3 batteries make AirMicro work for 2 hours(It differs depending on battery manufacturer).
What is the screw hole on the rear of AirMicro body?
This is screw hole for tripod connection.
What is the range of magnification?
You can change lens from 0 to 400x magnification. You can use M2 and M3 lens on AirMicro too.
What is the range of resolutions?
QVGA ( 320x240) and VGA ( 640x480).
Can I use it on PC?
You can use if you have PC with wireless LAN. Please download software for AirMicro with Windows PC from center of this page.
Can I take video?
Now under development.
Can I connect AirMicro direct to internet?
No you cannot.
Can I adjust color of camera?
No you cannot.
How many pictures can I take with AirMicro?
It depends on Viewer capacity.

If you think your AirMicro might have some trouble...

Indicator LED is not lighted.
Change batteries please.
I put batteries but AirMicro is not powered on.
Please check direction of batteries. For more details please see manual page # 9.
Indicator LED is lighting, but picture does not appeared. Is this failure?
If LED on lens units is not lighted, please turn on the Light Switch or, change batteries. Even if indicator LED is lighting, in some cases batteries run short(emiting radiation power will be shortage before lighting power).
If LED on lens units lights and no pictures, please try to do procedures below.
  • Environment: Please keep away from equipment that puts out electric wave, i.e.) microwave and so on(When you use AirMicro in near of such equipment, picture is freezing in some cases).
  • Please check AirMicro set up on iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad/PC("Viewer" hereinafter ). For more set up details, please see this manual page # 10.
  • If IP address of Viewer is same # as AirMicro, in such case please change IP address of Viewer.
  • If you use multi-Viewers, please use own unique IP for each viewers and please do not use same IP which is used with other viewer.
  • Please open "Settings"and turn on "Airplane Mode"and "WiFi".
Although you tried to do all procedures above, picture is not appeared, there might be a possiblity of failure. Please contact your dealer shop.
We see unclear pictures.
  • In some cases surface of objects reflect light . Please change angle of lens to the object.
  • If objects are dark , rough noise shows on viewer. Please lean the angle of lens
  • In some cases some dust on CMOS Image sencer. Please clean up it by air duster.
  • In some cases some dust on lens.. Please clean up it by air duster.
  • AirMicro might be out of focus, please see manual page # 13 and refer to "Touch and View Position" on "Focusing Guide" .
I would like to adjust colors of picture because it is unnatural.
Please see manual page # 15 and refer to "Adjust the White Balance"
How should I do when pictures moves and blurs?
Please see manual page # 13 and refer to "Touch and View Position" on "Focusing Guide"
The app has started but a picture does not appear.
Please try the following in turn.
  1. Please change the batteries to new batteries.
  2. Please have the home-button double tapped and the multi tasks are displayed at the bottom.
    Please push one of them for a long time.
  3. Please confirm the screen of default setting and check whether or not the number has disappeared and if it disappeared, please set it again. Please refer to the manual page 11th.
  4. Please uninstall the app "Airmicro" or "AirmicroPad" and then install it again.

Application Software-related Questions

Please tell me how to set up application on iPhone/iPad.
Please see manual page # 10.
Is the application for iPad different from one for iPhone?
Yes. We have 2 kinds of applications, 1st is named as "AirMicro" for iPhone, and 2nd is named as "AirMicro iPod" for iPod.
I can not see icon of application on viewer.
Did you download application to your viewer? If not yet, please download it from AppStore. For more details how to download it, please see manuals of iPhone/iPad/iPod.
How do I change resolution, VGA and QVGA?
Please see "change of resolution" on page # 15 on manual.


Acrobat You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF files.


Users Manual


Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
DownloadAirMicro for Windows【2012.10.18】Last updated