Our Policy

Since our company was established in November 1985, we have been playing important roles as a manufacturer of optical and electronic devices. While we developed a video loupe (a build-in light source type handy TV microscope) for the first time in the world in June 1987, we have produced a wide variety of developed products for the fields of medicine, beauty and industries at home and abroad.
In addition, we developed and began to sell the world-first digital microscope in August 1998 and it has been used not only at NASA but also at various work sites of airplane and car manufacturing companies and so on.

Our work is to solve the problems of our customers and to develop products that are useful for our customers.

Problem-solving is our motivation.
It is our challenge to solve various problems at work sites of our customers based on our free ideas, enthusiasm and technology.
Problem-solving by a wide range of technology
We always aim at developing creative products by making full use of a wide range of technology including technology of optics, physics, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry and computer.
Applying Technical results for various fields
We actively apply technical results obtained through development to different fields such as industries, education, cosmetics and medicine.
We believe that we were born to do impressive work and good work as a company and as an individual and we will continue to seek for such belief.