Skin Moisture Checker MY-808S



Key to keep beautiful skin is moisture on your skin.
MY-808S shows your moisture on your face in percentage just by touching it onto your skin. With MY-808S, anyone can measure skin moisture anytime and anywhere.

Accurate Measurement

Every time you measure, sensor corrects error margin. MY-808S provides you accurate and reliable data.

Light and Small

MY-808S weighs only 70 grams including batteries.

Clear and Easy Display

Measured value is displayed in easy-to-understand percentage.

Automatic Power-off feature

Power will be automatically off in 20 second to save life of batteries.

Excellent Durability

Glass coated sensor made with minute process and a one-chip microcomputer reduced "fragility" which is common to precision instruments.

Standard Value

Foreheadunder 37%36 - 54%over 52%
Corner of the eyeunder 40%40 - 54%over 52%
Inside Armunder 37%36 - 45%over 43%


Power SourceTwo AAA cell batteries
DurationLonger than consecutive 336 hours (Approx. two weeks if AAA alkaline dry cells are used)
External Dimensions195£ų31.5£ų20mm
Total Weight70g”Źincluding batteries”Ė
Operating Temperature Range5 - 40”ī
Specified StandardCE
OthersRoHS compliant


Which are does MY-808S measure?
The horny layer at the outside of the skin works to protect the moisture content of the skin. The measurement target of MY-808S is the horny layer of the area which the censor is applied to.
Is the measurement accurate?
We recommend you to measure the same area two or three times consecutively. If the value of measurement is not different each time, the value of measurement is correct.
Does the data change depending on the strength to push it to the skin?
The value of measurement may be lower than the actual value if it is pushed slightly because the sensor cannot cover all the area. To measure it correctly, be sure to push the sensor until the sensor may enter into the body completely.
What should we do to clean the sensor?
Clean it lightly with a dry cloth and a tissue paper. (Please do not use alcohol)