Teleglass T4-N




Masunaga Optical Mfg Co., Ltd., who founded the optical industry in Fukui in 1905, and Scalar Corporation jointly developed the Teleglass whose design was made by KAZUO KAWASAKI.

We solved the problem about the weak points of Head Mounted Display (HMD) for both eyes that it is heavy and the vision is completely blocked. T4-N is a wearable monitor glasses considering the fact that we wear it for a long time.

45-inch Screen

Teleglass T4-N enable you to enjoy the images from outside devices on a large screen (equivalent to 45-inch screen 2m away from you) with high resolution about 310,000 pixels (640(H) x 480 (V): about 920,000 picture elements) directly with your both eyes and enjoy sound by the furnished ear phones (Audio (L/R)28mW+28mW) at the same time.
You feel easy because you can see the surrounding areas too.


feel safe because you can see the surrounding areas


We made display part small and light (50g) weight so that it can be attached to the glasses. As a result, the monitor does not need to cover your whole eyes and you can wear it just like sunglasses. Because you can see the surrounding areas, you can enjoy images and music easily and comfortably even in a train or an airplane as if you were at home.

In addition, with T4-N having eye width adjustment functions and vision adjustment functions of left and right, you do not get tired even if you use it for a long time and anyone can enjoy beautiful images which are well focused.


Imaging inputVBS 1.0Vp-p 75Ω(NTSC input)
Audio inputAudio(L/R) Input impedance 10KΩ
Input terminal3.5φ AV input terminal
Display elements0.44-inch approx.310,000 pixels(640(H)×480(V):approx. 920,000picture elements)The image is equivalent to 45-inch screen 2m away from you.
Audi outputAudio(L/R)28mW+28mW
Output terminalfurnished headphone
Continuous duty timeApprox. longer than 2 hours (nickel hydrogen battery)
PowerTwo AA batteries
Working conditionsTemperature 0℃-40℃ /Humidity 10% - 80% (no condensation)
WeightApprox. 75g of body (Display portion only 30g), battery box approx. 22g
OthersFocus is adjusted by a display module, eye width can be adjusted, size of control portion: 95mmx35mmx20mm(excluding protrusion)


What is Teleglass?
Teleglass is an ultra-small monitor which can be attached to your glasses, receives NTSC video signals. Usual head-mounted displays (HMD) used to be the one which covers your sights completely and were not comfortable. But Teleglass is downsized and you can use it easily as if you wore only glasses.
What are the major applications?
You can use Teleglass as a video monitor of a variety of devices which have video output. For example, by connecting it with our microscope DG-3 which has NTSC video output, it will be much more easier to see the image of very high or very low places because DG-3's monitor is placed at its main body.
Of course, you can enjoy Teleglass while you are commuting.
What is the resolution?
T4-N has about 310,000 pixels(640(H)×480(V):about 920,000 picture elements). The resolution is good enough to see the caption of DVD movies.
What kind of device can it be connect with?
Teleglass can be connected with any devices that have NTSC video output that include Scalar's microscopes, video camera, various measuring devices and others. In addition, you can use it as a monitor screen of a portable video player such as iPod of Apple Computer and a DVD player. ※iPod is a product name of Apple Computer.
Can it be connected with iPod?
Teleglass can be connected to iPod which is 5th generation or older.
For 6th generation or newer model, please contact us. We will introduce a device which can be an adaptor between iPod and Teleglass.
Can it be connected with PDA?
No, basically. If PDA has a built-in function that outputs NTSC video signals, it can be connected with Teleglass. But you will need a conversion cable.
Can it be connected with a cell phone?
No, basically. If your cell phone has a a NTSC video output, it can be connected with Teleglass. But you will need a conversion cable.
Can it be connected with a PC?
It cannot be connected with a PC as it is. You will need a down scan converter to convert signals into NTSC.
How long does T4-N work?
T4-N works longer than 2 hours with AA nickel batteries.
Can a person with bad eyes use it? (Near sight/distorted vision/far sight/old sight)
You can see the screen easily if you adjust it to your visibility.
Does long use of it affect our eyes?
Just like you usually get tired if you watch TV for a long time, take it that your eyes get tired if you use your teleglass for a long time. If you use it, try to take a proper rest. In addition, see to it that children under 13 years old will not use it.
Does it have a built-in TV tuner?
No. We will take it as an important reference to develop our new products in future.
What is the warranty?
1 year warranty.
Can we attach T3 series to any glasses?
You can attach T3 series to general glasses by a furnished attachment. Consult us first because we cannot meet special frames including special shape and size from time to time.