Video Microscope VL-5


Changeable Lenses

Battery Operated

With our efforts of saving a lot of power, VL-5 works with 2 AA batteries. You are free from an AC power source.

Small, Slim and Light.

Its pen-shaped slim body only weights 120grams with batteries in it and provides clear-cut image.

For Beauty salons


100x lens is good for hair check.

For Esthetic Salons


50xN lens provides both normal image and poralized image. Suitable for skin check.

50xN LensFor Skin Check (Poralize and Non Poralize)
* included in 50xN Set
100x LensFor Checking Hair
* included in 100x Set

Content of Basic Set

50xN Set(For Skin Check)
  • Main Body
  • 50xN Lens
  • 2AA Batteries
100xN Set(For Hair Check)
  • Main Body
  • 100xN Lens
  • 2AA Batteries


Imager1/3-inch 510HCMOS sensor
Effective Sensor ResolutionApprox. 250,000 pixels
Signaling Type2:1 interlace NTSC
White BalanceFixed
Recommended BatteryTwo AA alkaline dry cells, approx. 3 hours
DurationWith two AA nickel metal-hybrid batteries, approx. 6.5 hours
Light SourceWhite LED
Dimensions and Weight29mm (W) x 176(D) x 34mm(H), 120g (including alkaline dry cells)