Video Microscope VL-5C


One of Main Reasons of Failures in the Clean Room is...

Dusts and dirt in a clean room come by us in most of the cases. Especially, the cosmetics on women's faces become a source of such problems. But it is difficult to check if a woman is making up or not.

Patented illumination technology shows you remained MakeUp on a face and horny layer

Our own lighting technology (patented) enables you to check if a woman has made up or if there is any desquamated part of the horny layer of the skin caused by dry skin that also can be a cause of a failure.

Quantifying the remaining makeup

By today, most popular way to see remaining makeup on workers' faces has been to wipe thier faces with the cloth. This method took much time and the result of such measurement was not so accurate.

With VL-5C, you can check remanining makeup on TV screen and with third-party's video capture unit and software,you can actually measure it.

Major Applications

VL-5C will improve the quality control remarkably in semi-conductor factories, electronic device/part factories, optical equipment plants, pharmaceutical factories, bio-related factories and so on which use clean rooms to produce and develop their products.

VL-5C will enable you to find rough dry skin which ordinary microscopes cannot find and you can use it in the fields of not only industries but also beauty/cosmetics.

Sample Images

Skin without MakeUp
Skin with MakeUp

With normal microscope, it is nearly impossible to check if MakeUp is still remaining or not. VL-5 shows remaining MakeUp foundation like "Shadowgraph".


Magnification100 x magnification lens( the value on 14-inch monitorí╦
Imaging Device1/3-inch CMOS sensor
Effective Sensor ResolutionApprox. 250,000 pixels
Signaling Type2:1interlace NTSC
White BalanceFixed
Recommended BatteryTwo AA alkaline dry cells
DurationApprox. 2 hours
Light Source8 White LEDs