Video Microscope VL-7EXll


High resolution, excellent color reproduction

High quality image of VL-7EXII are loved by many users in cosmetic market for years.

2 image-replay & Split Screen View

You can compare images easily by the dual partitioning functions.

Wide variety of lenses

Lenses from 1x up to 750x enhances enhance skin and hair analysis.

Polarized Lenses

With 30x and 50x lenses, you can see both polarized and non-polarized images. Good to check textures and pigmentations of your skin.

Various Basic Sets


Video Loupe VL-7EXll series have a variety of combination of lens depending on the purposes of the use. VL-7EXII works with PC with video capture module of third-party,

For Beauty Salons

photo photo

For Esthetic Salons / Cosmetic Shops

photo photo
Optional lenses
0x LensFor styling check
30xN Lens Polarization/Non-polarization LensFor a check of skin(texture/pigment spots) * Included in VL-7EXll-30 set
50xN Lens Polarization/Non-polarization LensFor a check of skin(texture/pigment spots)
100x LensFor a check of scalp
200x LensFor a check of scalp * Included in VL-7EXll-200set
750x LensFor a check of cuticle

(Magnification is based on the 14-inch video monitor.)

Content of Basic Set

VL-7EXll-200 set(for hair-check)
  • Probe
  • 200 x magnification lens
  • Stand with power source
  • Camera cable
  • AC adapter
  • RCA cable
VL-7EXll-30set(for skin-check)
  • Probe
  • 30 x magnification polarized/non-polarized lens
  • Stand with power source
  • Camera source
  • AC adapter
  • RCA cable


Imager1/3-inch CCD image sensor
Output Image SignalNTSC
Effective Pixels768(H)×494(V)
Scan Mode2:1 interlaced
White BalanceNormal mode:automatic control / when light switch is pressed: Fixed (when light is on)
MemoryNormal mode: 2 field still images /when PLAY.REC switches pushed at the same time for 2 seconds: 2 frame still images
Operating Temperature Range+10℃ - +35℃
Operating Humidity Rangeless than 70%(non condensation)
Power Consumptionless than 10W
IlluminationUtra small high illumination lamp